Factors to Consider When Choosing A Dissertation Proposal Sample

When looking for a dissertation proposal sample, you need to consider all the sections found in the outline. As such, the sample that you choose should consist of all the sections that a dissertation proposal contains. Other factors include the type of research that you intend to undertake as well as the methodology used while on the field. This article will discuss these and more factors that you should observe for you sample dissertation proposal outline by this service Writemypaper123.com..


It is imperative that you choose the right format when choosing a sample for your proposal. For instance, if your dissertation proposal is relatively short, you may not need a dissertation abstract sample as an abstract is not necessary here. Besides, the format will be different depending on the methodology you choose in your data collection. To clarify, you need a different sample if you are using the qualitative method of data collection as opposed to a quantitative method of data collection. Hence, ensure you choose the right dissertation sample format for your dissertation.

File type

The samples that you get online for your reference are saved using different file formats. However, you need to note that a dissertation proposal sample PDF is the best file format for your sample. The PDF format is easy saved directly to your device as opposed to other formats that require copy and paste for the content. Furthermore, you are able to get larger files in the PDF format. As such, it is only wise to choose a sample that is saved in PDF format.

Date of publication

When choosing a dissertation report sample, it is important to note the year of publication. By so doing, you ensure that you choose a sample that is relevant to present research on your topic. If you choose a dissertation sample paper that was published over 5 years ago, you may end up providing a literature review that is outdated and not updated. This may lead to a lack of new information in your findings when you are through with your research. Look for dissertations that are recent and yet to be published. Therefore, ensure you consider the date of publication for up to date information on your research topic.


Every dissertation report sample has recommendations for further studies. These recommendations provide the next researcher with the gaps that were not filled by previous research. Look for a dissertation sample that challenges you to gain more information and fill these gaps. If all you do is regurgitate findings from previous research, your findings remain redundant. Therefore, ensure you find a dissertation prospectus sample that has clear recommendations on further research.

Finally, the sample that you choose should be a guiding map on how to arrange your dissertation report. When you take the above factors into consideration, you will make the work of your supervisor easier and approval from the committee will be guaranteed when you defend your dissertation report. In case of any difficulties, you can seek professional help from a great writer from a good writing service.

Helpful Ideas

The following recommendations may also come in handy.


Give readers a clear view of the scope of your dissertation.

Let them know the extent of your paper and its place in the current or existing research and literature. Show readers that you are knowledgeable about your field. If unable to fit your work in this context, consider engaging dissertation services.


State the hypotheses that will be tested once new data has been acquired.

Pay attention to their logical formulation or construction. Good hypotheses are testable, non-circular, and falsifiable.


Your dissertation should surpass the basic requirements of collection, review, and analysis of data.

It should indicate the significance of the findings of the research in the subject area. Do this in the introduction.

Seek Help

A perfect introduction for a dissertation must clearly show that you followed these tips.

If unable to follow these tips to write the introduction, talk to experts that offer help with dissertation.


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